Spring… finally

Spring… finally

Hello again… been awhile, but I have been working away on the artwork. Was involved in a show at the Carrier Gallery in the Columbus Centre, and there are more shows coming up this year.

My studio mates and I will be involved for May in a small show in the Orangeville Town Hall , and I will give more details at the end of the month. Have also been extremely busy building (and learning how to build) a new website for the SOVA group.  Several times I was frustrated close to the point of tears, and would have walked away from this task, except that I had no choice. The wonderful member of our group that had been doing the website passed away, and all of us miss him dearly.

Finally , the pieces with persistence,  started coming together, and I have learned a lot from the process (still learning) and am now working hard on updating and redoing my personal website.

Hope everyone likes the SOVA website.         www.southernontariovisualartists.com    You may have to cut and paste 🙂

Made strong progress on two of the paintings , and the beginning stages of a couple others.


On this painting, the numbers on the dory have been positioned , but there is still a lot of work to be done on both boats. You can see how the markings are being developed in thin layers so the the colours begin to show the stressed sides of the white dory. The sky was worked upon with tiny strokes using a triple zero brush. All the rest of the elements of the painting have now been blocked in, and I will continue working on it. Hoping to complete this work within the next three weeks.  🙂

Hope you like the SOVA website, and also hope you will visit me at Alton Mill, Studio 202. 🙂


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