Rocks !!!

Rocks !!!

Happy to report that the waterfall painting is starting to show it’s personality, though it’s been hours of painting on the rocks. Still a lot to go , but you can now see where it is heading. The “pinkish” colour of the rocks is done with a blend of titanium white, cadmium orange and flesh tint. That is applied first, then a mix of payne’s grey with magenta, and thinned to the max with Liquin Fine Detail. Tedious, but effective 🙂

I will be participating with other artists from Alton Mill, painting a horse……not a painting of a horse, but actually painting on a horse. They have large manufactured horses, that will be finished , then auctioned off for the Pan Am games. These are done in the same manner as the moose mania that everyone loved, painted, and displayed a few years back. Should be a lot of fun.

A  lot of people have signed up to get regular updates from me, but the truth is, I am really technically challenged so will have to go back to watch the you tube videos again and figure out how to to use Mail Chimp.

Pleased to have the proper photography done on Mr. McGregor’s  House , and yes, I will have prints. This is a small painting, and will be displayed in the studio at Alton Mill while it waits for it’s “forever home”.Mr. McGregor’s House was an ice cream parlour in Kleinberg, on the main street, but has since been repurposed.

mcgregors house small

I try and get up to the Mill studio once or twice a week, so hope you will drop by and visit. 🙂


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