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July 25, 2017

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August 12, 2016

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June 30, 2016

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May 22, 2016

RATTLING BROOK FALLS Brampton-20140711-00540     IMG-20140725-00571   Presently I am engaged with a beautiful scene from Newfoundland, that is 30 by 40 “, and I will show the stages of it as I progress.The first stage is sketching it out, then I use a very thin wash of paint and turpentine , and when it is dry, can wash off the charcoal. Here are a couple of examples of how I create my original oil on-canvas artwork . IMG-20140826-00600                  IMG-20140930-00721 You can see the progression of the rocks. The trees are placed in position using a combination of prussian blue and alizarin crimson. When dry, the trees are advanced with various greens and using a triple zero brush. DSC_6341     Rock layers progressing., and the tree branches are nearing completion.   DSC_6856   Side trees are blocked in.                 The finished painting is titled “Rattling Brook Falls” and is now   available  for sale. Giclee prints are being considered. The actual scene is found on Highway 93 north of Mount Carmel in  Newfoundland. Rocks of Mount Carmel. medium   Cardinal Flowers Meadow

Step 1: OutlineStep 2: Fill in backgroundStep 3: Build up darker tonesStep 4: Continue to layer colours from darkest to lightestStep 5: Add brightest colours and detail to finish the painting

Oxtongue Rapids

Step 1: Sketch outlineStep 2: Fill in darkest shadesStep 3: Create layers of colours from dark to lightStep 4: Add detail to finish the piece