February Catch up



IMG_20150203_122226718Just an update. I have been working away on my artwork, trying to stick to a minimum of four hours a day painting, but many days it stretches to seven or eight. I exhibited one painting with other members of the SOVA group during Feb at the TWIST Gallery in Toronto. Next show for us is Neilson Park the end of March until April 19th. Looking forward to that.IMG_20150203_122023780


My studio mate, Robert Chisholm did the painting on the left, and my painting titled Locker Room is on the right. The  Locker Room is an actual locker area for the local police, and they even allowed me to position the jackets and other materials that I needed for this still life. The painting is available for sale, as are giclee prints.

During the past few weeks I have also been working on another painting , that some of you have seen in progress in the Alton Studio. This as yet unnamed painting is 16 ” by 20 “, and is finally complete, and will head off to the photographer next week, and I have already had enquiries for prints. I will put the proper image on the blog when its done, then take the artwork to Alton for sale. Here is an earlier photo of it.



During the same time span I have been busy working on a small painting of a scene in Kleinburg,On. This 11 ” by 16″ artwork is of the McGregor Ice Cream Parlour, before the building was changed for a different business. Originally , I had planned to sell this painting as a companion piece for the Kleinburg Book Company, but I have already sold that painting. I still have a few days work to do on it, but I think it’s coming along.



The waterfall painting is progressing. It has a long ways to go, and is a very complex work, but I’m happy with how it is developing . The painting is 30″ by 36″ , of a scene in Newfoundland, and I hope to finish it by mid April, and will post the stages .



Starting work on the top right corner, as I continue work on the rocks.



Hope to see you at the Alton Studio, and you can check on the progress of the waterfall painting in person. 🙂



So it’s been awhile since I have blogged, and I have so much to say, but not all at once. I promise to try and write a bit more regularly. 🙂

I am now in my new studio , Studio 202, in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, 1402 Queen St. West, Alton, and I am sharing this beautiful space with two other wonderful artists…Robert Chisholm who favours acrylics, and Charlene Nickels, who enjoys water colours the most.

I LOVE it there…love the atmosphere, the ambiance, the community of artists…everything about it. Of course , I am not able to get there everyday because of other priorities , so some days I am painting in my studio at home, but I really look forward to the day, or days of the week, when the van heads northward.Alton MillAlton Mill outsideIt’s mostly on the weekends that I’m able to get up there, but as the weather improves I will be there more often. Right now I am almost finished two smaller paintings that I’m trying to complete because the SOVA group has shows coming up. One is the “MacGregor Ice Cream Parlour” from Kleinberg, that I was originally going to show as a partner to the painting “Kleinberg Book Company “, but I have already sold that painting. The second is of a window that was part of a very old building in downtown Brampton, and just fascinated me, since I am really keen on aged architecture. I’ll post the new pieces as they are finished.Studio DoorwayInside 202In this photo of the inside of the studio, you can see a limited edition print in the foreground , titled “Alton Afternoon”, where the kids are skating on the pond. This was my first print, and it’s ironic that years later I’m now in a studio in the building on the right hand side. The beautiful old home is still there, and looks the same, almost as if I just did this painting.Alton home

In the SOVA group, we are preparing for an exhibit in the TWIST Gallery in Toronto for February, and all the artwork are of still life, so it’s a bit different for some of us.

January 24 and 25th is the Fire and Ice Festival at the Alton Mill and there are lots of activities for everyone in the family . Robert, Charlene and I will all be in the studio, and we look forward to showing you our work. I’ll be bringing the waterfall painting that I’m working on, and next week, I will update on that piece, explaining the stages I am working on . Hope to see you at the studio 🙂

2015 Fire  and Ice Millpond Hockey Poster (revised, large, final)

Waterfall Progress


Been busy in the studio painting,and working on show proposals for the 2015 season with my friends. September 21 we had a booth at Visual Arts Mississauga’s “Art in the Park”. Wonderful, sunny day, lots of people came, and the only one missing from our group that weekend was Paulette. Above in the photo is , starting from the left, Helen Duplassie, Jeff Williams,Charlene Nickels, Robert Chisholm, and in the green shirt, me.

Most people think being an artist means you get to relax and “make pretty pictures”. ….NOT SO! You spend a lot of time working alone in your studio (love to listen to the radio or favourite CD’s, especially Celtic music). Setting up (and taking down) shows are a lot of work, and of course there is the paperwork, putting together the show proposals, or media releases, or the financial bookkeeping.

A lot of time is also taken up with subject hunting, traipsing through the woods in all kinds of weather to find a scene that totally calls out to be painted, but whether you are being eaten by the bugs, soaked by the rain , or getting cold in the winter landscape, the truth it I thoroughly enjoy working on my art, and the challenge of finding the scene that needs to be taken to canvas is part of it.



The waterfall painting is progressing. Here you can see how the rocks are taking shape.


Above, the under colours are started using a combination of Davy’s and Paynes grey, olive green and King’s Blue.



Magenta and yellow ochre, along with ceruleun blue, and sap green with burnt sienna are added to the palate, and using a triple zero brush, the water is started.


The under colours are positioned for the rocks on the right side of painting.


The forest area has been darkened with a combination of Alizarin Crimson and Prussian Blue, to give depth, in the areas that will peek through when I am progressing with the trees. You can see that the painting is starting to develop its’ own personality, and I’ll continue to work daily on it, trying to find as much time as I can for it, while also preparing for the five commercial shows that I am in between now and the second week of December. 🙂

Just Back

Late night tonight, in the studio working on future show proposals, as they take up a lot of time. The Southern Ontario Visual Artists have some confirmed shows coming up, (next meeting is Sept 2nd), and I also have shows booked that I will be taking part in as an individual. SOVA is wonderful group whose mandate is to exhibit our art and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow artists. 

Just returned from vacation to the States taking in Frankenmuth, Chicago, Holland ,Michigan, Cleveland and Southfield (outside of Detroit). Loved seeing the different museums and other attractions, but what intrigues me the most is observing people, whether they are in friendly little family groups, or one tour guide atop an open double decker bus with the Hop On, Hop Off. He fancied himself as a comedian, and paced back and forth in the aisle, settling many times leaning against the end of the seat where I was . Every so often he would point out views “to the left”, but I can assure you when you see just him, a lot of those views appeared the same.

Vacation was great, but it also feels wonderful to be back at the painting. There are so many paintings dancing about that I want to take to the canvas, and I have to admit that sometimes I feel a bit impatient with the slow progress.The trouble is, that I see the finished painting when I look at the blank canvas. In my eyes, I see all the subtle colours, the way it should look when it is finished, but I have to wait for you to catch up, because you can only see whatever stage I have painted to.

I am looking at the canvas sitting on the easel now over to my left, and I have a light turned on it, because I enjoy the painting as it develops. In the picture I am showing you, more of the rocks are taking shape, but I have already passed that stage so will need to “share” with you later this week.  Naples yellow and flesh tint are mixing in areas with Davy’s Grey as well as alizarin crimson, burnt umber and Paynes Grey. These are all under colours and layer upon layer of other tints will be added as we go along.

A lot to do on it, and if you have specific questions about an area, you can send it along.





 “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.”
Claude Monet


Always a great day when you have a planned trip to Curry’s for new paints. Actually just low in Alizarin Crimson, which I add to Lamp Black and Prussian Blue to  to create a really dark area and give added depth , especially when working on a landscape with a forested area. Of course, when you make the trek to Curry’s , you never go all that way and return with one tube of paint. Purchased several colours  in the 200 ml, and though some tubes are $83.00 each, they are actually a better purchase than the same colour in a 37 ml tube for $28.00  each. Also went up and down the different displays of brushes, for which I have no sworn allegiance (unlike paint… usually stick to Winsor Newton ). I pick my brushes by what they have to offer,  whether it is size or type of bristle.

Recently , I was happily accepted into Artworks Oakville, which have several shows and events a year, and their membership is $25.00  (yep.. twenty -five dollars) for the year, with their “year ” running from the end of June , till the end of June, no matter when you join.  You need to show your membership card whenever accepted for a show in one of their seven different venues, and an extra bonus is, that it gives you 10% off of your art purchases at Curry’s so today I saved $37.00 . This in effect gave me my Artworks Oakville membership for free, plus a savings of an extra twelve, and I will be going into their shows.

When ever I look at anything, whether it is something alive or a brick wall, I am constantly dissecting the colour . I don’t see red as a basic red for example, I see the subtle shades of blue and yellow , and when I get up in the morning, the first thing I see is whatever  painting on the easel that I am presently working on, and it is the last thing on my mind at night, so it was  wonderfully  satisfying to return home and work on the newest  canvas .

Tomorrow night we have a meeting of the Southern Ontario Visual Artists, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again. Our meetings are usually over lunch or dinner, so they are business, as we discuss the update on shows we are preparing and of course, the camaraderie. 🙂



New Painting on the Easel

Long hours in the studio this week. Today I updated my Linkedin, started redoing my cv (needed because we have shows coming up with the Southern Ontario Visual Artists ), completed the background dark in the painting on the easel right now, and completed requirements for the other group I have been accepted into…. Artworks Oakville. Really looking forward to participating with them.

Presently I am engaged with a beautiful scene from Newfoundland, that is 30 by 36 “, and I will show the stages of it as I progress.The first stage is sketching it out, then I use a very thin wash of paint and turpentine , and when it is dry, can wash off the charcoal.


Tired tonight… but it is a happy tired.

Our New Group….Southern Ontario Visual Artists

We finally have a formal name! A group of us who originally became good friends through a Brampton gallery , have formed a special group for the purpose of exhibiting together, and of course the camaraderie. Our first meeting was over lunch and we called ourselves Art& Artisans, but started getting into the paperwork for shows that we are planning, and realized we needed something better than a generic name. We needed something to describe all of us, because I do oil painting , GPS, collographs and batik,but other artists are painters, in oil, acrylic and watercolour. We also have talented photographers, and a unique artist who leans toward mosaics and fibre art.

Two shows are confirmed, and the papers are in the works for several others, with far range plans to explore various venues.

As we do the paperwork, and complete initial plans , one artist is building our website.

We are able to enjoy our art, and enjoy life. That’s as it should be.


Alton Afternoon


Was looking up on the internet, just playing to see if anyone could find my blog, and was surprised to come across this ……

Up for sale is a limited edition Lynden Cowan Framed print from 1988. Part of an estate sale this nicely framed print is No. 54 of 350 prints made in a 17.5 x 22.5 inch format.
These prints are currently being sold on line for $320 plus tax for the Print Only. To have this professionally framed like this one would easily cost an additional $200. Being offered here for $295. This calming print depicts children playing scrimmage hockey in the countryside in front of a century old victorian home in Alton Ontario. The name of this print is titled “Alton Afternoon”. This piece of art would compliment any living room wall
Funny feeling seeing yourself listed as a commodity on the secondary market. When I paint, my goal is not to “make a sale”. My goal is to create and enjoy the pleasure and self pride of seeing your own work evolve from the blank canvas to the point where others can enjoy what you see.
Alton Afternoon depicts a scene from Alton Ontario , and shows local boys engaged in a game of hockey on the frozen pond. Anyone traveling to Alton today, can find the exact location at the T intersection , in the main part of this little rural town.

Hello World :)

Winter Solitude

It’s hard to think about what to say, when you are writing a blog about your work. First, I would like to say thanks for joining me, and as I really get into this , hope to show you how I paint, and why I have selected different subjects. I am actually involved with two subjects at the moment… the first one I call Mrs. Shrek’s Winter Bog, after a lady I really like, who calls herself Mrs. Shrek because she lives in a bog. I love Bogs, love the delicate changes in them, so they have always been a very favourite subject. This painting, I have kept for the time being because I want to use it as a competition entry for the Ducks Unlimited. The second canvas, that is not quite finished yet, is the MacGregor Ice Cream parlour from Kleinberg , and I will tell you more about it later.
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