Now it’s September

Now it’s September

Been quite awhile since I have updated the blog, but have been very busy. I’ve just returned a few days ago from the Bay of Fundy where I did the preliminaries for several paintings coming up.  One scene in particular keeps visualizing itself, but I will finish the work on the easel before I take it to canvas. It’s a wonderful scene from Seal Cove on Grand Manan Island…the tide was out, the fog and mist was in, beautiful scene, and I cannot wait.

I was one of the artists selected for the McMichael Gallery show for October, and I’m really excited about that.  To be selected for this prestigious event, they do a “Double Blind”, competition. They had about two hundred artists apply (my first time trying this), and each artist submits five images , which the McMichael gallery place on a slide presentation with the artwork in mixed up fashion, so there is no body of work together . Each artwork is given a number, so that there are no artists names, and because the artwork is all mixed up, each of the thirteen jurors are unable to tell who the artists are. They give points on each artwork for quality and other factors, then hand it all back to the committee at McMichael, who know who the artists are, and which artist did  the artwork, and they tabulate all the points and take the top thirty nine artists to fill the available exhibition spaces. ( just cut and paste and you can see their web page with all the information)

I have finished the Cedar Creek painting and hung it for display in the studio in Alton Mill, and have progressed with the drawing for the firemen piece. As well, I’ve been putting in long hours painting, both at home and at the studio. The bog painting from the area down the road of Winsong Farm is really progressing, and this week I will update the painting process section  of the blog and try and explain how I have done the different parts. The Vancouver island piece is also progressing, so I will show that to.


A lot of work still needed , but you can see where the leaves in the background is coming, using a triple zero brush, with sap and cobalt green, cobalt turquoise, and prussian green. The swampy water is just started, and will be built up with thin glazes , and a number three water colour brush (very soft, so the water comes alive), and Liquin Fine Detail is used instead of Liquin Fine Gel.

Cedar Creek 

cedar creek large


On the easel, a small painting of a roadside bog scene (really like bogs) from Caledon has made its debut, and when it is further into the detail, I will show the process.

The Alton studio has had a lot of visitors recently, even during weekdays, and it’s great to see all of you. 🙂

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