Months into 2017.

Months into 2017.

Been a very busy year so far and I cannot believe we have slipped into the halfway point of 2017.

First off, my sincere apologies… all the new pieces are on the new website that I am working on. This website is severally out of date and I will delete is soon, but you can see all the new and up to date pieces and information if you go to the other website that I am involved with. It is

Because I am more interested in getting the new site to where it should be, I will just place the newest painting here.

The title of the painting is “Gully”, and at times when I was working on it, I had a small “critic”.


SOVA has been involved in several shows. In April we were in the Holcim Gallery at the Milton Centre for the Arts, and right now all of the SOVA artists are in the Sisnett Lobby until Aug 19th, at the Halton Hills Cultural Centre, 9 Church St , Brampton.

At the moment I am working hard to complete new artwork. From Sept 25th to Oct 9th , I will be with three other SOVA artists exhibiting at the Art Square Gallery , 334 Dundas St. W, Toronto. Please note that this is during NUIT BLANCHE.

Gully by Lynden Cowan 2017 large

Hope to see you in my studio in the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Back to the studio. 🙂

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