The Cuisine Weekend at Alton Mill had several hundred people turn out , both on June 20 and the 21st. Met lots of wonderful people, but one sticks out in my mind. A little 8 year old young lady named Hanna came back several times to examine the waterfall piece in detail and discuss art. She seems to have the inborn ability to pick out minute changes in colour, and she loves to draw, so maybe in the future, we will see more of Hanna. 🙂 The Caledon Citizen newspaper came and took several photos of the Cuisine Art event, and one of the photos they printed was of me working in the studio.


lyndenv2 They had the  “Paint off” competition and other photos as well. 🙂  (I believe you need to cut and paste this link)


The waterfall piece is progressing very rapidly now, with most of the work completed.  The side tree branches have been done in layers, adding Rose Madder, Cobalt Turquoise , french ultramarine to the Davey’s grey.


DSC_6866 Changing 🙂   DSC_6868                                                                                                                                            More changes 🙂





You can see the over lays of little bits of colour which makes the branches “come alive”. Hopefully , everything will be complete in a few short days. 🙂

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