Where to start? It has certainly been a long time since I have been able to find a moment to bring you up to date, but I will try.

Alton Mill 

Right now, Alton Mill is all decorated for the Christmas Season, and this month there are many different additional activities happening.



McMichael Gallery

Loved exhibiting in the McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg, and it certainly was a unique experience (and an honour being selected). This was in October , and the entire weekend was jammed with people coming to meet the artists. Made new friends from the pool of artists that were there, as well as reestablished older friendships.

Had one lady come up and start talking about my artwork, and her eyes were oddly familiar, but couldn’t place how I knew her. Then she brought out a large photograph and asked me if I would sign it, which I said I would be pleased to do. When I saw the photograph, it hit me that I had known this pretty lady years (decades) ago, because I had taught her how to paint. Brampton did not have many jobs for teens back in the day so I became inventive and started my own art school.

It was wonderful to see Susan again. 🙂

This is the time of year when I have multiple shows, so am always on the go. It’s great to meet new people, but the studio at Alton Mill is also busy so it’s hard sometimes to try and be where you need to be.  Happy to say that my work has been well received at the various shows, and I have had to update my inventory regularly.I’ll be finished with the shows that are outside of Alton Mill by December 10th.

Two original paintings have just been sold, but limited edition’s are available for either piece.



This painting is titled “Paneful Memories “.


mcgregors house medium

Pleased that this original painting titled “Mr. McGregor’s House” sold to the same collector who also owns the original painting titled “Kleinburg Book Company”. It had been my intention all along to do these two subjects as a pair, as both buildings are in Kleinburg around the corner from each other.

Right now ,one of the paintings I am working on is from Beach Meadows, South Shore area in Nova Scotia. This is quite a complex painting, and the sky is intense with rolling clouds and fog. To accomplish the sky, I have painting it initially the calm blue using cerulean with a light touch of french ultramarine, since that is what would be peeking through on the other side of the clouds. From there, light layers are added in a rolling pattern using paynes grey and davey’s grey with a light addition of cobalt blue. A round tip brush is used for the layers, and there are many more additions to come. On the bottom part of the painting, I have created depth with a combination of prussian blue, alizarin crimson and lamp black, and I used a small flat end brush.When that was dry, I started with cobalt turquoise , which will add depth, but also warmth to the area. This painting is Already Spoken For, but I will make limited edition prints when it is finished properly.


Will post my progress on this artwork as I go along.

Hope to see you drop by the studio, 🙂






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