Catching Up

Catching Up

DSC_9240  January 23 and 24th Alton Mill had it’s annual Fire and Ice Festival, with hundreds of people enjoying everything from hockey tournaments, curling , ice sculptures , kids slalom slide (adults sneaked in there too ) as well as pleasure skating and other activities, and of course , being able to visit the artists studios upstairs in the Mill.  Saturday evening was the bonfire and pub night. It was a huge success, and a lot of fun.

Just finished a small piece 16 by 20, and as yet , have not named it. The scene is from River Road near Belfountain, and I will post the finished work when the photography has been done.

You can see that the dominant subject here is the tree in the background, which I fell in love with right away. The way the branches curve down around the tree adds to the subject and was painted with a layered effect. Using a triple zero brush I used cobalt blue, magenta’s, alizarin crimson , and a muted cobalt turquoise. The reeds in the foreground were done as well with a thin, glazed , layered approach.

Been progressing on the painting from Beach Meadows , Nova Scotia.


The sky is still not complete, but the mood has now crept in, and it will be finished with the small , round tip, triple zero brush strokes , so the tiny bits of pigment can be added, giving the clouds a sense that they are rolling.

The trees in the background were placed in position, using prussian blue, alizarin crimson and lamp black . The black and prussian blue give depth, and the alizarin crimson adds a warm feeling.On top of this, cobalt turquoise and prussian green along with olive green started to define the branches. Sienna’s and other colours have begun to draw out the branches. The trees are not finished.

The rocks along the shoreline have been started , using Davey’s grey, payne’s grey and cobalt turquoise with titanium white , which gives a crisper effect. The under shades in the water have been started, with attention paid to the shoreline , and the crabgrass in the foreground has been started with attention paid to the changes in lighting.

Again, this painting is Already Spoken For, but I will continue to show the progress.

The painting from the Vancouver Island is also making progress and I will give you an update soon.

Hope you get a chance to visit me in my studio 🙂

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