About the Artist

Portrait of Lynden Cowan

Lynden Cowan has been oil painting most of her life.

This self-taught artist is drawn to the Canadian landscape and is noted for her ability to make the viewer feel that they are part of the scene. 

Her preferred medium is oil on canvas, but also enjoys doing collographs and GPS artwork.




Although born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lynden was raised in Brampton, Ontario.  She has fond memories of returning to Nova Scotia to spend each summer with her grandmother in a rural atmosphere on the southern shore.  This blend of environment has influenced her as she developed her style and technique and has also carried over to her rendering of architectural subjects.

In true entrepreneurial style, Lynden started her own art school at the age of sixteen.  She taught both youth and adults in her family’s home.  Later, as she began her career in nursing, married and had two children, she found it increasingly difficult to find time in her busy schedule to devote to painting.  But when her grandmother passed away in 1986, Lynden returned to her love of painting as her way of dealing with the loss.  She quickly began entering competitions and won several awards.  Lynden released her first lithograph print, Alton Afternoon, in 1989.  Today, her original works can be found in private and corporate collections across North America and Europe. Most of her paintings are now available as limited edition prints.

Lynden has been in several galleries over the years, including Le Royale Meridien and the Cristin Gallerie, but now sells directly to clients. She has been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles over the years, mostly in print media.

 In Newfoundland

Scouting subjects in Newfoundland