Been working long hours at the Waterfall painting. It has “turned” to the final stages (which can still take another couple of weeks), but it is at the exciting stage for me. A lot of parts are now closing, or becoming finished, so the personality of this piece is really starting to show. Still quite a bit of work with the tiny triple zero brushes, so that the small bits of different pigment makes the painting come alive. Have to finish the rocks in the water, before I can get to the water itself, which will be done with thin glazes. The other rocks are almost complete, but what you don’t see, are the branches and small wildflowers that will emerge on the left side of the canvas. I see them, because I am visualizing the finished painting, but I need to accomplish more on the canvas , before you will see them as well. This is not the entire painting, just a closer view of the rocks. 🙂DSC_6736

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