Horses, Canvases, and Exhibitions

Horses, Canvases, and Exhibitions

Been awhile since I last sat down to blog. Life has been really busy with painting, but I have also just returned from a wonderful family vacation 🙂 The Pan Am games are coming up, and the Alton Mill artists (me included), had the pleasure of painting a horse. Remember when the Moose were painted in Toronto and sold ? This is along the same lines.DSC_6382 Teams of artists came from many different studios, and a few of the horses were done by individual establishments. Our horse was called “Alton the Handsome”, and was initially painted all black, with one of the Alton Mill artists painting her hand white , multiple times to make a “canvas” for the other artists to paint on. We each did two “hands”.laying of hands DSC_6383 I did two scenes, electing to stick to landscapes. DSC_6390DSC_6391DSC_6411   The horses will be placed in several different locations, so get your cameras locations   horsing around GROUP FINAL The artists involved have been invited by Winnie and Bill Stott of Winsong Farm , to show their own artwork at a special social event there on June 14th, and I’m really looking forward to attending. 🙂 June 20th and 21st is the Seventh Annual Cuisine art festival at Alton Mill. I will be painting in Studio 202 and hope you plan to come out to this popular event.   CuisineArt Card   The waterfall painting is advancing, and some parts of the canvas are nearing completion. The rocks still have a ways to go, but the actual waterfall areas have started to be blocked in. My usual pattern is to paint several hours a day during the daylight hours, since there are very slight changes in the shades of the colour of the rocks, and these would be distorted if I used artificial light. DSC_6371 There is also a smaller 11by 14 inch scene from Caledon under way. I have put the sky in, and some of the clouds, blocked in the trees that run along the creek, and now the piece is starting to develop it’s “personality”. Shadows under the creek banks are started with prussian blue mixed with alizarin crimson, so there is enough depth to build on. DSC_6725  June 16th to July 13th, the Southern Ontario Visual Artists , or SOVA , that I belong to, will be having an exciting new show of artwork, in the Falls Gallery at the Historic Alton Mill Art Centre.  The Falls Gallery is upstairs, and the theme is “Solace to the Soul//A Walk in the Woods”, with all members participating. Hope everyone gets a chance to drop by and enjoy the exhibition. 🙂

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