February Catch up

February Catch up



IMG_20150203_122226718Just an update. I have been working away on my artwork, trying to stick to a minimum of four hours a day painting, but many days it stretches to seven or eight. I exhibited one painting with other members of the SOVA group during Feb at the TWIST Gallery in Toronto. Next show for us is Neilson Park the end of March until April 19th. Looking forward to that.IMG_20150203_122023780


My studio mate, Robert Chisholm did the painting on the left, and my painting titled Locker Room is on the right. The  Locker Room is an actual locker area for the local police, and they even allowed me to position the jackets and other materials that I needed for this still life. The painting is available for sale, as are giclee prints.

During the past few weeks I have also been working on another painting , that some of you have seen in progress in the Alton Studio. This as yet unnamed painting is 16 ” by 20 “, and is finally complete, and will head off to the photographer next week, and I have already had enquiries for prints. I will put the proper image on the blog when its done, then take the artwork to Alton for sale. Here is an earlier photo of it.



During the same time span I have been busy working on a small painting of a scene in Kleinburg,On. This 11 ” by 16″ artwork is of the McGregor Ice Cream Parlour, before the building was changed for a different business. Originally , I had planned to sell this painting as a companion piece for the Kleinburg Book Company, but I have already sold that painting. I still have a few days work to do on it, but I think it’s coming along.



The waterfall painting is progressing. It has a long ways to go, and is a very complex work, but I’m happy with how it is developing . The painting is 30″ by 36″ , of a scene in Newfoundland, and I hope to finish it by mid April, and will post the stages .



Starting work on the top right corner, as I continue work on the rocks.



Hope to see you at the Alton Studio, and you can check on the progress of the waterfall painting in person. ­čÖé


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